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Services that contribute to copyright management.


Meletone Entertainment is a company dedicated to the commercial exploitation of musical works and the management of copyright. Our team has actively participated in the music industry, acquiring the copyright of various works and managing their commercial exploitation to maximize the authors’ income.


We specialize in the management of music catalogs, offering publishing and marketing services to our clients. In addition, we work with collective management societies to ensure efficient management of copyright.


Our experience in the music industry allows us to offer effective solutions tailored to the needs of each client. If you are looking for a trustworthy company for the management of your copyright and the commercial exploitation of your musical works, do not hesitate to contact us!



Catalog acquisition: 

We take care of acquiring the copyright of catalogs of musical works and managing their commercial exploitation worldwide.

Catalog administration: 

If you own a catalog of musical works, you can transfer us the administration so that we can take care of the management of copyright and the commercial exploitation of your works.

Music marketing: 

We offer marketing and promotion services for musical works and catalogs, with the aim of increasing their visibility and maximizing the authors’ income.

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MLC and Black Box

.We take care of registering and collecting the income generated by the commercial exploitation of musical works, ensuring that the authors receive fair remuneration for their work.

Technology and data analysis: 

We use technological tools to analyze and measure the performance of musical works and catalogs, which allows us to make informed decisions and maximize the authors’ income.

Conflict management: 

If conflicts related to copyright arise, we take care of managing them efficiently and effectively, protecting the interests of our clients.


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